Our Philosophy!

Quite simply K.I.S.S (Keep It Super Simple).

Great product. Great Prices. Friendly, Professional Service.

Did I mention Great product?

Our Story

ob inventories is owned and operated by Pixie McClay-Ward and Larry Ward. With a knowledge and first hand experience of renting privately in London and Portsmouth and a good knowledge of the local area, Our research has shown that there is a need for a personalised professional Inventory service to deliver reports of the highest standards possible.


Meet the Team

(Warning, We are not very photogenic!)

Our Philosophy, We believe in doing things the way our clients want things done! This does not mean rushing around like a 'rushing around thing'! Quality over Quantity, Precision over Inaccuracy and Guarantees over Promises. 


Pixie McClay-Ward


My name is Gillian, I've been know as Pixie since I was 18, I quite like it and much prefer it. With that out of the way.......

I am a mother of 3 (another 3 happily gained when I met Larry), I still have 1 at home, my youngest, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was only 3, a very worrying and scary thing for the both of us! Since his diagnoses this has been uppermost in my list of  priorities. I am SO proud that for the last 4 or so years he is fully able to deal with his situation, hence now Larry and I can spend our time on what we have been planning for a long time, to provide a professional and personal Inventory service, to cater for the private sector.

I used to work at an Architectural Antique reclamation yard several years ago and just love it when we go into a property and there are old architectural features like door furniture and ceiling roses, equally I love modern interiors as well, so I really do have the best job ever !!! Especially as we get to work with each other.

Larry Ward


When I was 11 I wanted to join the Royal Navy, Communication Branch, In April 1970 (14 yrs old) I joined the Royal Navy as a junior seaman 2nd class, communications branch, In Sept' 1970 I left (Homesick)!

I learnt then that no matter what, if you'r not prepared or fully researched and studied in what you want to do then you will not be able to succeed in your chosen path. This has held me in good stead since!

I joined the Army (Royal Corps of Signals), Owned my own Driving school, Security supervisor at a well known London Airport, Prisoner escort officer, EMT 4 with the London Ambulance Service.

Unfortunately I suffered a stroke in 2009 that put the kibosh on everything! I have since recovered (ish) with only the occasional 'word blank' when I talk! Without Pixie's understanding, help and above all patience, my recovery would have taken a great deal longer. Thank you SO much my Pixie.

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