Landlords must put your deposit in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) if they let their property on an assured short-hold tenancy that started after 6 April 2007.

A full Inventory and Schedule of Condition is a vital and essential requirement for Landlords to safeguard their property and Tenants to safeguard their deposits. With Disputes (from both Landlords and Tenants) rising annually, any decision made by an Adjudicator can only be made if there is a 'before and after' to compare.

ob inventories will provide you with a full Inventory, our reports will have digital photographs all date/time stamped, ALONGSIDE all comments, Landlords (or their representative) and Tenants will receive the report promptly, you will be able to view your report, make comments and sign your report prior to full completion.


It is important for the Tenant to know that the Inventory report might have been carried out days, or even weeks, prior to their 'move in' date.

Comparing the Inventory report to the Check-In is a way to check that the condition of the property has not changed, and that you (theLandlord) and the tenant agree as to the condition of the property according to the Inventory, or if there are any differences these are recorded in the Check-In.

You (the Tenant) will accompany the Check-In clerk throughout the property recording any differences (if any).

Once the report is signed by the Tenant then the keys are handed over. It is important for the tenant to understand that the property should be in the same condition, as per the Check-In, at the end of your tenancy, excluding 'fare ware and tear'.


Why you should have an Interim report?

Purely and simply, to check that the Tenant is complying with the terms and conditions of the Tenancy agreement, (i.e. pets, smoking, garden care, general condition, and, becoming more common, sub letting etc).

To check if there are any maintenance issues.

The Tenant is taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard the property and that it is in a reasonably clean condition.

It will also help the Tenant to address any problems that the Tenant may not be aware of.

When should an Interim be carried out?

Ideally, half way through the Letting period, 1 yr let =6 mths, some landlords choose every 3 mths, or as stated in the Tenancy agreement.


The importance of the Check-Out cannot be understated!

Any disputes at the end of the tenancy can only be fully investigated and any decisions made if there is a 'before' and an 'after'.

It will make any Dispute by either party very difficult, if not impossible, for an adjudicator to decide at the end of the Tenancy, responsibility/cost without a InventoryCheck-Out, Check-In.

We will note on the Check-Out who we believe is responsible for what, i.e. Damage/ Cleaning would be TR (Tenant Responsibility). We will take into account 'fare wear and tear'.

We will also take into account No of residing persons, children, length of tenancy etc.

FYI: All reports are Legal Documents.


ob inventories. Your strongest link.

There is always a 'weakest link', on everything!! Don't let an Inaccurate or Incomplete Inventory report be yours!

Let ob inventories be your strongest your link.


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