1. ob inventories pricing is as per Pricing list, (On Website, copies available on request) i.e. number of bedrooms.
  2. All properties are deemed to contain:1 X Bathroom/Shower room. 1 X Kitchen. 1 X Lounge/Dining room.
  3. For Furnished properties, any additional rooms will be charged at £10.00 per room for Inventory , and £5.00 per room for ‘Check-In/Check- out’ and Interim.For Unfurnished properties, any additional rooms will be charged £5.00 per room on all reports.
  4. Please note: ALL Interim reports are excluded from ANY Discounts.
  5. All payments to be made within 28 days on receipt of Invoice or additional charges may incur. Late payments will result in any Discounts agreed to become null and void and full price to be paid.
  6. Access to property is deemed to be accessible once the keys have been provided, alarms are assumed to be disarmed or codes provided. ob inventories will not be held liable to any penalties that may occur if Alarms are activated without either of the above being provided. Any safety issues or concerns MUST be given to ob inventories and/or its staff prior to any work being carried out. 
  7. If ob inventories are unable to gain access to the property due to incorrect keys or any other reason due to accidental/mistake by the Agent/Landlord, then the full cost of the type of report will be Invoiced.
  8. Any cancellations must be made 24 hrs prior to the date/time agreed, or the full cost will be charged.
  9. ob inventories will be unable to carry out ANY work in premises were any type of work on/in the property is in progress at the time of our attendance to the property. All items in the property will be recorded in the report whether or not these items belong to cleaners, decorators, carpenters etc. The property is deemed to be ready for ob inventories to carry out it's tasks once the keys are in our possession. 
  10. It is deemed that you have read and agree to these T&C's once ob inventories have been given the keys to property(ies).
  11. If required ob inventories will operate on Sundays and Bank Holidays, however, an additional charge of 50% of the total Invoice amount (E&OE) will be added.
  12. Force Majeure; ob inventories cannot be held liable for delays in any of our services caused by circumstances beyond our control.
  13. Any parking restrictions, by either private or local authorities, that are in force at the property, the Landlord (or their representative) or Letting Agent must ensure that any permits are provided to ob inventories prior to any works being carried out. Any fines/payments, directly or indirectly, incurred to ob inventories due to permits not being issued,  ob inventories reserve the right to reclaim any/all costs resulting directly or indirectly due to none issue of permits. 


Our Reports are a detailed record from a visual inspection. It is compiled in good faith to provide an accurate descriptive record of the applicable property’s contents and the condition and cleanliness of such contents on the date of the Report compilation as stated on the front page of your report. It is the duty and ultimate responsibility of the Landlord, Tenant and if applicable, Agent to agree between them the accuracy of this Report.

ob inventories and its staff are not trained or qualified Property Surveyors. Under no circumstances should any Report be used as a structural survey of a property. Further to this it should be noted that we are not specifically trained or qualified as legal experts on any type or kind of cloth, wood or other material, nor do we have any specific knowledge of antiques. Any Report should not be deemed to be a definitive statement of each and every item of equipment or furniture, nor indeed of the authenticity of the aforementioned items.

Our Report(s) does not provide the Landlord, Tenant or the Landlord’s/Tenant’s Agent with any kind of guarantee regarding the safety of any equipment, furniture or other contents relating to the property. Any description serves merely as a record in accordance with the purpose of this Report. Items listed within the Report are deemed to be in good condition without any apparent defect unless otherwise stated. In the case of a significant defect of an item(s) such as clear or obvious damage or soiling, then such item(s) will be described appropriately. 

It should be noted that it may not be possible to move certain items of furniture to facilitate inspection behind or beneath such items. In addition, it is not usual practice to inspect and detail attics or cellars. Furthermore, we do not inspect rooms which are locked unless a key has been provided. Nor do we inspect items that are packed for storage or in boxes. It should be noted that it is not our practice to individually list books, CD's, DVDs, cleaning items or other miscellaneous items such as the contents of garden sheds, greenhouses or garages.

ob inventories and its staff do not check gas or electrical appliances and give no guarantee with regard to the safety or reliability of such items. It should also be noted that we do not inspect or test smoke alarms and that it is the responsibility of the Tenant to make sure that, where fitted, they are working correctly at all times.

The ultimate responsibility for the compliance with the Fire & Safety Regulations for Furnishings, Gas and Electrical services is that of the Instructing Principal. Any note within a Report compiled by ob inventories stating ‘FFR label seen’ should not be interpreted to mean that the item complies with the ‘Furniture and Furnishings’ (Fire) (Safety) (Amendments) 1993. The reference ‘FFR label seen’ is merely a record that the item was seen to have a label attached, at the time that the Report was compiled, similar or the same as that described in the ‘Guide to the Furniture and Furnishings’ (Fire) (Safety) Regulations that was originally published by the Department of Trade & Industry in January 1997 (or subsequent editions). Under no circumstances should the note ‘FFR label seen’ be deemed as a specific statement of fact that the applicable item complies with the aforementioned Regulations.